Moments of adoration curated for you at every turn!

Feel the pure sensation of timeless romance in the Maldives. Where no experience is without the consideration of love enough to transcend time. Whether you have a budding spark, an eternally burning flame, allow me to inspire you to celebrate love in its entirety. From discreet exchanges upon the sandbank to fanciful celebrations on island, you pick the perfect moment, and i’ll provide the bliss.

Satisfying your penchant for romance, discover more adored experiences to share with your loved one.

If you’re planning your stay in the Maldives and wishing to have a photo/video session with me, you may reach out at [email protected]

Important Note: Most of the resorts, host their own in-house photographers situated at the resort. However, if you wish to hire me to cover your photo/video session despite the fact, kindly please speak with the resort and get permission for me to travel and conduct a session at the resort. The service offered by me, is a completely different and worthy experience comparative to in-house photographers at the resort.