Hi! I'm Maahid

Photographer / Videographer based in Maldives, Traveling around to capture your favorite time spent here in the Maldives

I go, where the lens takes me; whether it is through the narrow alleyways of the city, or isolated beaches across the country; travelling is my hobby. I wish to be part of your journey, to get to know you and capture your personality and your story. Anyone can take a portrait photo, but I only wish to tell your story.

I have been to many weddings, and I have witnessed the epitome of every relationship mould into something greater; that is my treasure at every adventure I seek to attend to as a photographer. The story’s build, the couple’s spark, the moments and the chemistry invisible to the eye, but embedded in a picture. Documenting the day is one thing, but creating art through quality photography is my passion. Landscape photography is so limited to the world, but people and their lives are unlimited to stories and emotions; which needs to be captured and curated for generations to witness.

It is a privilege to be a photographer, to document your moments and your stories, from your backyards to terraces, wedding venues to safari boats and local islands to resorts; I yearn to chronicle as your present becomes memories that shall be relived through photo albums, for future generations to see.

Now, more importantly it is important that we are ourselves and we break this professional boundary. I present a very down-to-earth, outgoing vibe that I am hoping to sync with so please don’t hesitate to go up or a coffee to chat before we arrange anything. Leave me an email and I’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

A selection of Wedding, Family, Lifestyle & Portrait Photography captured at the Maldives; the Sunny Side of Life.